A Lamp in the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible

Chris Pinto, creator of “Lamp in the Dark”, is featured on the Alex Jones show in the last four videos in the following playlist.

The first video is a 2-3 hour video called “A Lamp in the Dark”. which can be selected from the play list.

The élite have presumably mastered the domination and manipulation of all philosophical thought. And they have passed these secrets on to each generation. Things you do not learn in school. They pitch the races/religions against themselves because they can profit from it.


David Wilcock has put together a very extensive research work at that link. Showing how only a few international companies have a controlling interest in most commerce world wide. These companies at times can exert more power over countries and their people, than their governments. According to the data analysis report, it becomes very clear, that what was set out to be done a couple thousands of years ago, is about to be accomplished. If something is not done about this,  and we fail at our re-examination of our outlook on life.

That report only proves was is truly going today in financies.

Wondering why things just keep getting worse and worse? It turns out to be things that were created hundreds of years ago and probably have nothing directly to do with you, personally? However, it may have everything to do with how our lives may turn out for the next 20-100 years or more.

For more information of what kind of impact their organization (Jesuits) may have had historically on the united States of America.

Check out:http://occupy-our-courts.org/wp/?page_id=647
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