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Our Mission Statement…..

A work in progress. As most of you know that have visited us over the last couple of years that we have gone through different phases. We had the opportunity to see and observe different skill sets work with different … Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson gets schooled!

A Church/State Lesson for Duck Dynasty by Freethinkaluva Dear Mr. Phil Robertson: I’ve been a fan of the Duck Dynasty show, which I thought was very funny, so I am disappointed in your now-notorious comments regarding gays and the church-state issue… Continue reading

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South Carolina Jural Society Jurist Introductory Training Session No.1 – 2014-05-31-17.19

#6397 UN and Police Militarization Bottom up Top Down Comparrison Heritage of Freedom-2 Modern developments in Roman civil law ModernMoneyMechanics Tenancy in Common – Unity of Possession The Debates 1787 The Genuine Principles of the Ancient Saxon, or English Constitution … Continue reading

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Nullification – The Rightful Remedy the Documentary

          Tom Woods tells it like it is. You do not need to ask permission from the Federal government to exercise your rights. Period.  

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Seeking the Third Story & Symbols of an Alien Sky David Talbot

David Talbott’s message in this presentation will be completed at EU2014 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 20 – 24, 2014. What does the Third Story look like in the light of the Electric Universe and the reconstructed ancient sky? If you have pondered this question, consider attending the conference to hear the answer first hand. Continue reading

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Isis the Chrēst

by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S Is Jesus Christ truly a unique, divine revelation? Or is he one of many “Christs” and “Chrēsts” in antiquity? As “Jesus the Good” was called “Chrēstos,” so too was the Egyptian goddess Isis. In several instances in ancient… Continue reading

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Who are the Anunnaki?

by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S Are the Anunnaki real? Are they aliens? Or are they part of a bigger picture? The “Anunnaki” are the major players in a paradigm making its way into popular folklore, via the work of the late Zecharia Sitchin, an economist… Continue reading

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Welcome to Bitcoin Island

Forget currencies and commodities … perhaps the most helpful analogy for Bitcoin is ‘land’, argues Richard Gendal Brown. Oleg Andreev posted an insightful tweet the other day: Bitcoin is not a protocol of transfer, but a protocol of ownership.… Continue reading

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State of Bitcoin Report

CoinDesk State of Bitcoin 2014 from CoinDesk Continue reading

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Bitcoin ATM

Use this bitcoin ATM map to locate the your nearest ATM. Continue reading

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