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Warning! Information such as that found within is highly toxic to an uninformed mind. Proceed with caution!

  The interviewer/host for D.M. Murdock is very expressive in setting up this interview. His style of opening his show is certainly unique and his monologue is about 25 minutes long.

However his demeanor is one of who could easily resonate with a 50’s or 60’s beatnik era entertainer. The beatnik kind of goofyness starts to fade as he starts to penetrate your hard-shelled philosophical callous that has been allowed to be built up for years only because none of the issues that Ms. Murdock exposes have ever been addressed.

His use of philosophical discussion, humor and an excellent choice of audio sound bytes to make his point is almost George Carlin in his view of life.

It may seem odd at first, it gets better as it moves along.

I have to chime in here about the mythication of Jesus by the Roman élite to conquer the world idea. The more I look at this. The more plausible it becomes.

When you take in mind the take over of the Masons.

  • In 1776, Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Catholic Church Canon Law at the University of Ingolstodt, Bavaria (Germany), founded the Order of Illuminati (Lucifer light bearers). Although trained as a Catholic Priest, he believed in Satanism and humanism. Humanism taught that a person could attain great power like unto God with the help from demons. He spent about five years writing on methods of world revolution under orders and pay from the Rothschild Dynasty with the aim of establishing One World Government. He called this government “The Novus Ordo Seculorum” (New Age or New World Order), which is also the title of his book published in May 1, 1776. This Latin phrase is printed on the reverse side of the one-dollar bill together with the year 1776 in Roman numeral at the bottom of the Masonic pyramid. On top of the pyramid is the eye of Lucifer with the inscription “Annuit Coeptis” which means he (Lucifer) has smiled on our undertakings. Most persons believe that the date 1776 honors the Birth of the U.S. No, it honors Weishaupt’s One World for Satan.

I am hoping that the viewer understands, I only want to address one issue at a time. The reason for the above quote, is only to establish that Adam Weishaupt, was a Professor of Catholic Church Canon Law.

One of the primary research pieces of information discovered on our journey of historic law is the fact that Roman law has creeped into our legal system and has basically taken over the USA in terms of a law form. Which is in my opinion, the reason why we are seeing so many signs of what I would term, judicial decay in America.

Let me take you a little deeper down the rabbit hole even further,













Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Catholic Church Canon Law knew that the entire secret to the source of the bible was being laid at the feet of the Rothschild Dynasty.

What better position to be in financially to understand the direct fallacy that the Pope is now the owner of the world. Somehow I think the folks at the Rothschild’s might have some say and influence on how that turns out.

It would also seem the desired outcome on the Roman Elite have certainly prospered in supporting the mythicism of Jesus and Satan.

If you would like to further investigate how vast a conspiracy this has all proved out to be. It may be worth your while that time you spend on other activities, momentarily be used to improve your experience of facts. It would appear that the dark side of religion is always showing its ugly head. And in so many places.

Like child molestation, selling misleading beliefs, financial corruption. Along with many more examples that history itself is more than willing to provide.

Does it become so hard to believe that the Vatican itself either directly or indirectly participate in human sacrifice in some form or another. And the root of many other belief systems are just as infected as the Roman Catholic church is? This root system is also the main tributary for other dominant religions.

Interesting place to consider all the other mangled cultures world wide in their own systems like to refer back to Jesus as the master teacher.

Once you begin to pull back the veil, this veil must be rent for all systems of philosophical thought.

In some of my past research I have found while reading, ‘None dare call it a conspiracy’. It was noted that it was out of the Fabian Society certain people were groomed with, ‘Keynesian Economics’.

The Fabian Society had a membership list that were comprised from the, ‘Golden Dawn’. Which was a ranking school of magic for aprox. 50 years. Which of itself had many ranking members of the schooled élite of its time.

The more we study, the smaller the circle becomes.

The élite have mastered the domination and manipulation of all philosophical thought. And they have passed these secrets on to each generation. Things you do not learn in school. They pitch the races/religions against themselves because they can profit from it.

David Wilcock has put together a very extensive research work at that link showing how a few international companies have a controlling interest in most commerce world wide. These companies at times can exert more power over countries and their people, than their governments.

I find it interesting that the secret that Adam Weishaupt had that gave him so much control/influence over Masonry. Had to be of considerable strategic value.

Consider it as a kind of welcome matte you find when you travel to other countries under the auspices of being some kind of Masonic official. You instantly have people you know that bear you up with friends and moral support no matter what your race or religion is. This would include secret friends in high places. Lawyers & attorneys, judges, bankers, police officers, politicians and potentially, any man on the street.

Consider the value of realizing for a fact that the entire genre of religion is truly a farce. It is a farce in every country where a priesthood of any dominant religion gets free food and housing. For the most part. And may have for centuries collected the wealth of a people they were divined to protect.

You could sell arms to anyone of any religion that was going to destroy all other religions. WhaLa…..    a salesman’s dream.

You can even support all of their missionaries. Because they are doing work for you. One hell of a management team is now available in any country. And will travel as needed.

Even in the color of law they have divided each religion into denominations. You know, 10’s, 20’s, 50’s and 100’s.

As we find that as religions are indeed tied to the state in may ways that can be documented. It would not be unusual to find the church’s even though they say they are in peace at the same time support the war machine and an almost entirely corrupt government, congress and legal system. Hasn’t anyone even given that any value or cause for consideration. 

 To give a bit of an example. For all outward appearances, the main differences between masonry and christianity. Masonry does not publish its passwords and christianity does. Christianity teaches to embrace mythicism as fact and masons embrace mythicism to teach metaphysical principles of life and relationships. And still refuses to define itself as a religion.

However, let me make myself very clear. I make determinations on a case by case observation.

One reason I enjoy christians, is the subculture adoption of home schooling. And to bring the family together and they are each as great as the sum of all of them. It is interesting to find that as we learn to pull away from the defacto machine our selection of bible verses tend to be more toward peace and truth. Whereas most masons along with many other religions have been mislead by their countries dominant organizations that lead them and keep them in the war jurisdiction.

Most religious texts around the world will contain some form of proactive violence. What bible verses do you think they are focused on now?

 Enjoy – feel free to pass and post around!

Acharya S/D.M. Murdock
Author, “The Christ Conspiracy,” “Suns of God,” “Who Was Jesus?,” “Christ in Egypt,” “The Gospel According to Acharya S” and “The Astrotheology Calendar” series

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