Our Mission Statement…..

A work in progress.

As most of you know that have visited us over the last couple of years that we have gone through different phases.

We had the opportunity to see and observe different skill sets work with different aspects of law and courts.

Not long after I stopped paying attention to  RuSA, the leader of RuSA was sentenced to several years in prison. It was time to take a deeper look at all the remediation experts and start to set up in my mind what should be the criteria for remedy.

Out of all the ideas involving lawful remedy, ‘local common law’ offered the most alignment with what I would call, Constitutional ethics and for that matter, a ‘Liberty of Conscience’  to how the lawful republic was setup and how it has been corrupted over the last 200 years. Whittled away to where the original intent was being dropped in our conversation and taken away from our daily view in order for us to stop thinking about it.

And the more it was being studied, it also became apparent that this is exactly what was intended, that we learn to govern ourselves.

I have additional background in personal research of the Occult in many cultures throughout history and still find out much I can learn still.

I did finally settle on ‘Nature’s Law’




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