Political Polytheism – Gary North

Gary North author of Political Polythesm has also authored:

Marx’s Religion of Revolution, 1968 [1989]
An Introduction to Christian Economics, 1973
Unconditional Surrender  1981 [1988]
Successful Investing in an Age of Envy, 1981
The Dominion Covenant: Genesis, 1982 [1987]
Government  By Emergerq, 1983The Last Train Out, 1983
Backward, Christian Soldiers?, 1984
75 Bible Questions your Instructors Pray you Won’t Ask, 1984 [1988]

Among many others.

It is not so much that I agree with Mr. North explains. It is that he has done a fantastic job detailing the past in such a way as to verify in some detail what happened the struggle between Christianity or Freemasons will be at the mighty helm of these new United States.

And to remind my readers that this is a research site. When it comes to forming & framing of ideas, for myself, it really doesn’t matter who gets the credit. Each one’s philosophy will continue to contribute to it’s members or not. They will continue to rise and fall upon their own merit.
Just trying to find out the facts. What is interesting in this document is that he point out so very uniquely what a multi-personality Christianity as a whole has, for not closing the gap between the giving the pure love of God to mankind or the sword.

Additional review of other pages/posts will reveal a weakness in all religions and how society is growing way beyond their dogmas.

Mr. North profusely details the confusion in the ranks and the various mixing of philosophies in various areas in history, society  and its impact on Christian culture.

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