Quantum Language By David Wynn Miller

“The Root of the Deception is in Language… Think about that for a moment.

When you set the parameters of language, you have the power to manipulate the people who use it. And of course, the ‘powers that be’ have been controlling the “strawman” through fraudulent conveyance of language for aeons.

However, if you discovered that language (just like everything else on earth) has a MATHEMATICAL INTERFACE, and through it comes a FACTUAL structure that cannot ‘allegedly’ be challenged, what would you do..?

For what its worth, this is quite fascinating!


A Side note:
When it comes to Quantum Language David is certainly the go-to man, but there are some things he says about the masons and the illuminati, which intuitively I’m not sold on. So for myself, I have taken what I feel is relevant and have dropped the rest.”

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