Rod Class – on AIB Radio – Gives Congressional Records Timeline of Fraud by international bankers

I would have to say as I listen to this recording, “this is grassroots at it’s finest.

Rod Class, from the information I am gathering, is somehow sanctioned by some level of Congress. It would be hoped that as I go through this, I can verify as I go along. The reason I am posting this now, is the fact that Rod has filed an Administrative request/complaint/law suit.

(The above picture chosen as I thought that how awesome it is to actually see these issues in writing on a court document. We no longer should need to feel like we are offending anyone any longer with ideas of conspiracy..

I also resonate with Rod, in that he has recognized the historical value of the records they were finding when finally gathering enough data and status to file.

I have tried to put as many documents I could find here. If I were grading the document server they use, I would have to give it an “F”. Especially when linking from other pages into that program and the document is not there. They seem to have many broken links. If your in the mode that you do not know what the name fo the document is when you looking. It is even harder. Please help!

The documents I do need, in order to fulfil both Rod’s and my hope, to build the county assemblies in each state. Are the timeline for your filings with the Administrative court and the responses directly available?

I would also like to see an easily accessible mode of viewing the documents that you have gathered for the historic timeline of fraud and deception through history regarding the international bankers. That would be ideal. And Rod, I don’t have a lot of time, but with the right help, I may be able to come up with the venue in which this may accomplished. All you need to do, is ask! This would be a set of web pages specifically dedicated to that purpose.

It would also be my intent , depending on how long we have to wait for that favorable life shattering response from the court. For the documents could be used to allow anyone with the additional credibility, walk into any county sheriffs office and present a notice of creating their local assemblies, juries and courts. With the sole intent of encouraging their support and developing a relationship.

Would greatly enhance our odds for a more rapid success. It seems ironic to me that from the work you are doing, will greatly shift the daily focus of so many people.

One could also, with the full intent of the law and with the knowledge of specific state situations, could target specific offices to get them to comply to the correct courts. Court tyranny can come to an end in every state.

You could demand that the corporations stand down from polluting us in anyway. Quickly replace the main stream media with real journalists. The list of basic things that could be accomplished right from the get go.

Check it out and see for yourself folks. This is if nothing else, is a worthy investigation.

Even if there is an opposing view from the court. Rod has made a massive effort letting as many people know about the historical evidence that has been mounted against the international bankers. The list of people and offices he has notified are listed in the documents I have put here.

Now, for the benefit of what Rod and many others are doing, and give him as much support as possible, Please observe the following link.

In that link is an exhaustive analysis of all companies world wide. Their ownership connections, financial statements or any public information available. It narrows down the information to five basic financial companies.

You will never guess what name always pops up at the top.

Yep, you got it, “Rothschild”! And many other familiar names.

For thousands of years the elite have worked for this moment in time. It has been built of the blood of probably every ancestor from every country, race and religion.

It is time to put an end to the minority dominant subculture of men who think they are better than every one else.

 The above links come from another blog I am working on that I just completed. I thought the timing was impeccable as it would support much of what Rod is talking about in this audio recording. 




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Andrew Johnson veto reconstrction act


10.8.12 2nd Order of Judge Gray