The Taxi Stand Radio Show Volumn #1 Part #1


There is a Jerry Springer ‘type’ ending dialog that I give in the end of this recording.

I have instituted places where actual commercials can go. You hear them come in at points where the music is playing on breaks.

This is the recording of the first advertised show on the net.

I am trying to get more listeners and participants.

We did the show and then I edited it for further clarification to guide the listener.

I guess that you could say that I edited it in the way I wish the show would go.

Politicians do some strange things sometimes.

Politicians do some strange things sometimes.

The idea of calling it ‘The Taxi Stand Radio Show’ is for several reasons.

Ideally, it is desired to keep the show secular in nature as to not beholden to any one philosophy or group. I personally will hold on to my own beliefs.

Working to be able to book as many diverse beliefs on the show that we can.

At the same time have callers calling in with their own opinion on that particular days selected subject/topic.

The very idea of the taxi is a delivery of ideas to your mind.

I do not want to have the show be identified with any dogma of any kind.

Primarily it is intended to have a complete array of subjects.

List subjects for the show: But not limited to:
All the ‘ologies’
MSM ‘Main Stream Media’
Holistic Medicine

Home Schooling
Taxi & Limo Drivers
All political parties will be welcome.

All shows will be requesting a decorum of peace & harmony
to all discussions.

However, the development of the ability to discuss controversial subjects will be one of the primary focal points of all shows.

It is the overall intent, to show how everything is connected in one way or the other. And to use the show as a way to expand our knowledge and awareness about as many subjects as possible.

As an underlying research project, it is also hoped to find better ways to give better analogies to our Local Common Law Constitution and our chosen jurisdictions: Life Love Truth Peace Harmony and do no harm.

And to overall find better ways to present our causes and ideas.

This will also be good in regards to learning what the public thinks of our ideas and how do we react to our publics observations of our ideas.

This could be a very interesting process and I have no doubt that anyone who participates will learn much in the way of working with the public.

Finding subjects and people to be our guests. In developing a relationships with guest speakers, those guests that get to know us, may have input as to what subjects we may talk about on any given day.

Product placement subjects would not be discouraged.

If we have an audience, why wouldn’t someone want to talk on our show?

So, if anyone has an idea for a show or a guest, please coordinate this with me and we will see what we can make happen on the show.

It is hoped to develop the show by doing it every Tuesday at 2:00PM every week.

We’re not always there. We are still trying to put all the legs on the chair before we ask anybody sit a spell.


de jure of Nevada.